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  • Voted for real cuts in federal spending. In fact, Brett voted to cut $95 billion in one year. Brett strongly believes we must restrain spending, improve government efficiency, and reduce burdensome regulations to jump-start the American economy.
  • Strongly supports balancing the federal budget. Brett voted for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (H J Res 2, 11/18/11, Roll Call 858), and he voted for the “Cut, Cap, and Balance” plan (HR 2560, 7/19/11, Roll Call 606).
  • Received “Conservative Award” by the American Conservative Union Foundation for standing up for “constitutionally limited government, individual liberty, free markets, a strong national defense and traditional values.”
  • Was named a “Taxpayer Hero” by the Council of Citizens Against Government Waste, which said Brett stood up for taxpayers on issues related to tax, spending, transparency and accountability measures.
  • Voted for a budget that reigns in spending while protecting Social Security and Medicare for seniors (H Con Res 34, 4/15/11, Roll Call 277).
  • Sponsored the “Workforce Reinvestment Act,” a bill designed to invest in worker training while eliminating duplication in federal programs. This kind of leadership – increasing government efficiency while delivering services to those looking for work – have become a hallmark of Brett’s solutions-oriented leadership. (111th Congress; H.R. 4271)
  • Voted to repeal Obamacare (HR 2, 1/19/11, Roll Call 14) and participated in important hearings that exposed the problems with the Obama administration’s interpretation and execution of the law. Strongly supports legislation to repeal a specific provision of Obamacare that could lead to limitations of care based on a patient’s age or expected outcome, a veiled attempt at interfering with doctor/patient decisions on coverage that is highly objectionable.
  • Voted to extend tax relief to the middle class and protect Medicare recipients’ access to their doctors (H.R. 3630, 12/13/11, Roll Call 923)
  • Voted to reign in out-of-control federal regulations that stop small business owners from creating jobs. The REINS Act (H.R. 10, 12/7/11, Roll Call 901) is a strong signal that House Republicans want to get the government off the backs of America’s job creators. Getting the government out of the way and creating certainty in the regulatory environment would help small businesses create jobs.
  • Opposes the Obama Administration’s “War on Coal.” Brett voted to address excessive regulations at Pres. Obama’s EPA (HR 910, 4/7/11, Roll Call 249; HR 2401, 9/23/11, Roll Call 741; HR 2681, 10/6/11, Roll Call 764; HR 2273, 10/14/11, Roll Call 800; HR 2250, 10/23/11, Roll Call 791; HR 1633, 12/8/11, Roll Call 912). Brett strongly opposes the Obama EPA’s “War on Coal,” which is stifling job creation in Kentucky and will drive up energy prices for small businesses and working families.
  • Fought for better medical care for our nation’s veterans by introducing legislation (H.R. 1612) to improve coverage and care for soldiers returning home with urological trauma.
  • Strongly supports development of the Keystone XL Pipeline, which could lead to the creation of 20,000 American jobs and a new supply of energy from a friendly country. President Obama killed the pipeline’s permit over the objections of Cong. Guthrie and his colleagues in the House Republican Conference.