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Guthrie to run for reelection 2014

July 16, 2013

Brett’s campaign has more than $1 million cash on hand as of June 30
Guthrie will not be a candidate for any state office in 2015

(Bowling Green) Congressman Brett Guthrie, who has represented Kentucky’s second congressional district since January 2009, announced today he will run for reelection in 2014. Additionally, his campaign filed its quarterly report on Monday with the Federal Election Commission showing $1.15 million cash on hand after having already raised $571,752.06 for the 2014 election cycle, including $372,162.56 in the second quarter (April 1 – June 30).

“I am humbled by the support we have received from across the district and state,” said Guthrie, “and am grateful for the trust people have placed in me to represent their values in Washington and to solve some of the nation’s most pressing problems.”

Guthrie’s campaign has more than doubled its financial strength compared to previous off year reports. As of June 30, 2009, Guthrie had $430,673.57 in the bank, and as of June 30, 2011 he had $497,297.95 in the bank. This cycle’s pace shows the strong position Guthrie is in for reelection in 2014.

Guthrie’s campaign also launched a video called “Next Time is Right Now.” It is available on his campaign’s website and Facebook page:

“We are fighting in Washington to balance the federal budget, to cut wasteful spending, and to create an environment where small businesses can create good paying jobs. My work in Congress is all about providing opportunity. I am passionate about improving the economy, cultivating educational opportunity for people of all ages, and getting our nation’s finances under control,” Guthrie said.

“When you look beyond the partisan back-and-forth, what I think people want are leaders who truly care about problem solving and making sure their children have the chance to be educated, employed, and can lead a fulfilling life. That’s what I focus on every single day.”

With the announcement that he will run for reelection in 2014, Guthrie has also decided to keep his full attention on his Congressional work and not seek any state office in 2015.

“I am not running for any state office in 2015, although I was humbled by the number of people who asked me to run for Governor,” Guthrie said. “I went to Washington solve big problems and to leave a better America behind for the next generation. I have spent every day doing that and I feel that my time and energy is best spent on solving the big financial and economic problems we face as a nation,” Guthrie said.

“I believe the Republican Party has many excellent people considering running in 2015 and I wish them all well. Our state faces many problems, especially in Medicaid, public pensions, and education. My hope is that all of the gubernatorial candidates from both parties put forward bold platforms that actually move our state forward. Standing still is not an option in Washington or Frankfort if our people are to prosper and our children and grandchildren are to inherit the kinds of opportunities we all want for them,” Guthrie said.